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Kaveta Sachdev is a self taught Fine artist. Her interest in arts began in early childhood when she used to enjoy drawing anywhere with whatever limited materials available. She had a knack of translating whatever she saw into beautiful sketches and paintings. In her summer holidays she used to often  paint sceneries and landscapes seen during long train journeys from Mumbai to Ambala where she used to visit her grandparents. In school she got a distinction in arts every year. Growing up, she choose to study Homeopathy and practiced for almost a decade in Mumbai, India. In 2005, she moved to Singapore, which became her home for almost 13 years.


















Kaveta's journey as an Artist began in Singapore where she got a chance to attend the reputed Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She completed a Specialized 2yr Course in Western Arts with a Distinction. In 2018 she moved to Dubai following her husband's job transfer. Dubai is known for the equestrian sports and love for horses. Here she got a chance to visit Equestrian clubs and study horses which further helped her in her work. She currently resides here.

Creating textures and experimenting with various tools and mediums is something which has always interested and motivated her. She uses various elements like textile, gold leaf, acrylics and Oils in her work. For Kaveta, painting is a meditative, healing and a passionate experience during which she often looses sense of time and hunger. She is currently working on a very Classical subject of Horses trying to portray the energy charm and the beauty of this creature in a very dynamic and abstract manner.      

Kaveta's works have been published in newspapers and curated Art magazines like the Art India magazine and Affordable Art Fair magazine Singapore. Her works have been appreciated, exhibited and sold in various exhibitions in India and abroad.

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